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5 General Cleaning Hacks that You Wish You Knew Before You Hire a Cleaning Company.

General cleaning is not as simple as you think; many homeowners tend to oversee some details when they clean their homes independently.

Homemade disinfecting solution – Diluted bleach solutions can be used to general cleaning & common surfaces. In making your disinfecting formula, make sure you follow the guidelines from CDC.

The right way to vacuum your home – Professionals tend to slowly use a vacuum cleaner to pick up particles that might not be visible to our bare eyes. Also, 80% of women preferred to have cleaned floors & vacuumed carpets among the top priority for home cleaning service.

Using Eco-friendly products for cleaning – Why is it important? Health is the number one priority when we clean, do not take the risk of saving money to buy products that might ruin your things and expose you to hazardous chemicals that might affect you or the people or furry friends around you with a weaker immune system. Always check the label of cleaning products and EPA standards before purchasing any product or even hire a cleaning company to clean your home.

Carpet stain removal using VODKA! – Blot the stain and use clear alcohol to remove it effectively, and VODKA is one of an alternative cleaning liquid that’s relatively better other than over the counter cleaning products.

And LAST but not the least. . . 

Food colour to test toilets for leaks – Before you call an expert or repair services, try to put a few drops of food colour to test leaks by putting it on your toilet tank and see if the flapper is leaking. Then check the bowl to see if the colour leaks.

We hope these general cleaning hacks can help you maintain your home’s cleanliness and help you find a better cleaning company that can provide the standards you and your family deserve!

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